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Model 42 Stair Chair

The Model 42 Stair Chair functions well in confined areas such as narrow hallways and multiple-landing stairways and easily folds for storage in small places. It features two 4" rear stationary wheels, two 2" low-profile front guide wheels, four lifting handles with nonslip handgrips, and a soft, fluid-resistant vinyl-coated seat cover. A locking safety latch keeps the Model 42 in the chair position during use. 7' quick release patient restraints securely hold the patient. Available in burgundy and orange.


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  • Two 4”/102 mm. Stationary Rear Wheels
  • Two 2”/51mm. Low Profile Front Guide Wheels
  • Four Lifting Handles with Non-Slip Hand Grips
  • Vinyl- Coated Nylon Cover Resists Stains and Bodily Fluids
  • Two 7”/ 2134 mm. Quick Release Patient Restraints
  • Easily Mounted on Walls
  • Locking Safety Latch
  • Folding Frame / Compact Storage Position
  • All Metal Frame Construction


  • Specially designed for confined areas such as hallways or multiple-landing stairways; anywhere access is severely limited
  • Model 42 is 4" wider than Model 48.
  • Two 4" rear stationary wheels and 2" low-profile front guide wheels facilitate transport on most floor types.
  • Locking safety latch maintains chair position during use.
19 lbs9 Kg
Load Limit
350 lbs159 Kg
19 in49 cm
24 in61 cm
37 in95 cm