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Model 40 Stair Chair

The Model 40 is easy to maneuver and gets you in and out of cramped quarters. Two 5" stationary rear wheels roll over most surfaces with minimal effort. Telescoping, two-position front handles allow the foot-end EMT to maneuver the patient without interfering with the patient´s feet. 


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  • Stationary 5" rear wheels enable swift, easy transport over most surfaces.
  • Telescoping handles enable front-end EMTs to move without interfering with the patient's feet.


  • Easy to maneuver by two EMTs in confined quarters
  • Two 127 mm (5 in.) stationary rear wheels
  • Telescoping front handles with two positions and two rear handles
  • Vinyl-coated nylon cover is simple to clean and resists stains, blood and bodily fluids
  • Two 2134 mm (7 ft.) quick-release patient restraints and leg restraints hold the patient securely
  • Chair can be mounted to interior or exterior walls
  • Ideal for high-rise buildings or industrial settings
  • Available in burgundy and orange