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Vertical Rescue Stretcher

The Ferno Vertical Rescue Stretcher’s roll-up, compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for high angle, confined space, horizontal or vertical rescue. When deployed the wrap-around concept becomes rigid and gives the patient a feeling of security as well as protecting limbs and body from further injury during evacuation procedures


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  • Designed for both horizontal and vertical lifting
  • Ideal for confined-space rescue, medical airlift evacuations, industrial sites and outdoor rescue
  • Color-coded full body restraint system with padded head restraint, groin and feet straps
  • Supplied with backpack storage bag
  • Includes six, color-coded, non-adjustable lifting slings
  • Maximum load limit: Horizontal 350 kg / Vertical 250 kg
  • Optional VRS 6 Point Adjustable Lift Bridle