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Model 71 Basket Stretcher

The Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher is made with a high-density polyethylene shell supported by a permanently attached, heavy-duty, aluminum frame. Molded-in runners and handholds make it easy to handle, and brass grommets are strategically located for quick use with Model 418-1 Adjustable Lifting Bridle (tag lines should always be used when lifting the basket stretcher). The shell is chemical, UV, rust, and corrosion resistant and a replaceable closed-cell foam pad is attached inside the stretcher for patient comfort. Four two-piece 5' quick-release patient restraints are simple to use and permit the rescuers to easily change the position of the straps to fit each patient.


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  • Model 71-S Split Basket Stretcher
  • Includes the same great features as the Model 71 basket stretcher
  • Separates in half for backpacking to a rescue site or for compact storage
  • : Model 71-M Non-Metallic Basket Stretcher
  • One piece, non-metallic version for use in subways and mining areas where electrical hazards or sparks could hamper rescue efforts. Features plastic-coated aluminum frame, plastic rivets, wooden runners, and hook and- loop restraints.


  • One-piece basket stretcher
  • High-density polyethylene shell is strong and resistant to chemicals, UV, rust, and corrosion
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame with molded-in runners and handholds
  • Brass grommets provide fast connection to Model 418-1 Adjustable Lifting Bridle (see page 106)
  • Closed-cell foam pad is easily replaced
  • X-ray translucent for arms, legs, and chest
  • Includes four restraints
23 lbs10 Kg
Load Limit
600 lbs272 Kg
24 in61 cm
8 in19 cm
86 in218 cm