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Model 513 Series IV Poles

The Ferno Model 513-10 is a heavy-duty I.V. pole that mounts to almost any Ferno cot.  The 513 I.V. pole features an adjustable height that allows I.V. solutions to be placed at appropriate levels and is capable of holding 4 1-liter bags and 2 transport I.V. pumps.


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  • Model 513-10 is compatible with Models 25, 26, 30, 35, 93, POWERFlexx®, 30-NM, 33-NM, and 35-ANM Cots. Length 33”-48”
  • Model 513-11 is specifically made for Ferno-Flex™ Model 28 and 28Z Cots. Mounts to rectangular main frame. Length 29"-44"
  • Model 513-13 is compatible with Models 25, 26, 30, 35 Series, 93 Series, and POWERFlexx® Cots. Length 24”-38”
  • Model 513-LBS is designed for use with the LBS and LBS Jr.


  • Permanently mounts to cot main frame
  • Adjustable height for placement of IV solutions at appropriate levels
  • 513-10 pole is nonmagnetic for MRI use
  • Capable of holding four one-liter containers of fluid and two transport IV pumps
  • Large hook-and-loop straps stabilize IV containers
  • Folds along the side of the cot mattress for easy storage (excluding Model 513-11)
  • Lock sleeve secures pole in upright position