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Harrier LT LBS

The Harrier® LT-LBS has the same great features of the Harrier LT with the addition of extending sides for supporting larger-mass patients.


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  • Lightweight trolley, from 69 kg (152 lbs.)
  • Includes extending sides for carrying larger-mass patients
  • Excellent maneuverability, combining optimal low-friction wheels with ergonomic operator push-poles (optional accessory)
  • Powered up/down lift operation, with slow start-stop movement, for complete patient comfort & operator safety
  • Load capacity of 350 kg (772 lbs.) in raised position, 400 kg (882 lbs.) when in lowered position
  • Simplified high-performance battery management. Uses a detachable rechargeable 28V 3A Milwaukee battery, 77 lifts from 1 single charge, recharge time of less than 1 hour
  • IPC compliant, incorporating anti-microbial paint finish, use of Silver Biosafe harness restraints and an easy-to-clean 2-section, Anti- Bacterial Pressure-Relief mattress
  • Reflective strips on top, base and X-frame rails, for increased visibility at night
  • Compatible with Ferno Two Part Locking System