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Model 28Z PROFlexx Chair Cot

The 28Z PROFlexx® Chair Cot provides maximum versatility in confined areas. The maneuverability and flexibility of transforming from cot to chair allows you to respond in confined spaces such as tight hallways, narrow staircases, and small elevators without transferring the patient. The 28Z’s light weight, superior stability, and load capacity reduce situations that may cause injury to you or your patient.


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  • 3 positions with easy transition from cot to chair
  • Lightweight roll-in style cot is only 31 kg (69 lbs.), making it easy to handle
  • Locked-on mattress provides easy patient transfer and security during roadside or aeromedical response
  • All-metal aluminum frame construction provides strength, long service life, and better performance with heavy patients
  • Only 1220 mm (48 in.) length in chair position provides high maneuverability
Length Max
   80 in 204 cm
Length Min
75 in 190 cm
Loading Height
27 in 68 cm
69 lbs 31 kg
Load Limit
700 lbs 317 kg
25 in 63 cm