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  • Model 205, 206, 210, 211 'DD'-Lite® & 'EE'-Lite® Carbon Fiber O2 Bottles
  • Fully wrapped, carbon-fiber reinforced, aluminum-lined vessels manufactured with the highest-grade aerospace materials. Both products carry DOT regulatory certifications for design and qualification certifications. The 'DD'-Lite® and 'EE'-Lite® can be mounted to a Ferno 35A+, 93H, 35X, or 93-EX Squadmate™ cots and can also be mounted to the back of an EMS bicycle. The significant reduction in weight and greater capacity of these carbon-fiber vessels means you can carry more oxygen to remote locations, onboard helicopters, up flights of stairs, and in your ambulance.


  • Up to 40% lighter than steel
  • Absorb more impact energy
  • Have greater resistance to damage from rough handling or accidental dropping
  • Contaminants can't be trapped on the smooth, rust-free interior surface of aluminum cylinders
  • Folding built-in on/off lever eliminates need for wrench or handwheel
  • Available in "C", "D", Jumbo "D", and "E" sizes